Mar 20

Starlight Angel

Damn, don’t know why this randomly popped into my head tonight but this takes me way back. I originally saw this back in 1995 as part of Robot Carnvial when it aired on Cartoon Network as part of a night where they played 3 movies back to back from midnight to 6am. I remember staying up late with my dad (possibly my mom as well) to watch and record it on our VCR.

Moral of the story? Women bounce back with a quickness I guess.

Originally made in 1987.

Mar 19



Mar 19

Life by Oblyvian


Mar 19

Guess Who Crimea


Mar 17

Street Fighter 2 – Guile Theme Acapella

Been a while but haven’t forgotten about this place. I’ll make sure to be better about updating.

Enjoy and cheers!

Oct 16

Save the TaTas!

This video makes me happy

Oct 15

Wolverine, You’re Fired…

Oct 09

Eat Like Snake

Oct 07

Peter Meter


Oct 07

Yea, I Would Have Shit My Pants

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